This is a Sequential Search — Searching Algorithms Studies — #CSeries — Episode #06

Gif From this link

This is a Quick Sorting — Searching Algorithms Studies — #CSeries — Episode #05

Quick Sort from this link

This is a Simple Sorting— Searching Algorithms Studies — #CSeries — Episode #04

Bubble Sort from this link


1- Two loops:
-external -> sweep vector size
-internal -> compares 2x2 and SWAP using Auxiliary Variable (aux)
The 1st, Loops to vector size; the 2st, Loops from 1st to penultimate…

This is a HashTable — Searching Algorithms Studies — #CSeries — Episode #03

HashTable — Welcome o/

Extremely Simple Algorithms in Python #PurePythonSeries — Episode #07

Locked-in Secrets About List Comprehension #PurePythonSeries — Episode #06

Covered topics:

How to Use List Comprehension;
The Difference between FOR and List Comprehension;
Using tuples to ensure maintenance of the order of dependent lists;
Applying List Comprehension In Classification Using Tuples;
How to Filtering Using IF CONDITION inside a List Comprehension;
IF ELSE of List Comprehension;
Does list comprehension always create a list in Python…


Hi, Guys o/ I am J3! J of Jungle + 3 Plats Arduino/RPi/Pic; I am just a hobbyist, making studies in electronics to come up with an invention. Welcome! Join me!

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