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Locked-in Secrets About List Comprehension #PurePythonSeries — Episode #06

How to Use List Comprehension;
The Difference between FOR and List Comprehension;
Using tuples to ensure maintenance of the order of dependent lists;
Applying List Comprehension In Classification Using Tuples;
How to Filtering Using IF CONDITION inside a List Comprehension;
IF ELSE of List Comprehension;
Does list comprehension always create a list in Python…

How To Involve your Kids In This Internet Era — FreeThinkingSeries — Episode#00

Here are amenities, for parents, who like me, are concerned about the future of our children, facing the internet today.

My youngest son, 12, is currently playing video games :/.
However, I also challenged him to program the game itself. Active and not passive consumer.

Better, Video Game Producer!
OK. Fine…

How To Calculate If The Year Is Leap Year and How Many Days Are In The Month #PurePythonSeries — Episode #05

Fig 1. Image from What Is a Leap Year? By

Who determined which months would have 30 or 31 days?

A leap year (also known as an intercalary year or bissextile year) is a calendar year that contains an additional day.

A year that is not a leap year is a common year.

In the Gregorian calendar, each leap year has 366 days instead of 365, by extending February to…

A Complete Notebook Review #PurePythonSeries — Episode #04


(1) Series

(2) DataFrame

(3) Conditional Selection

(4) Set and Reset Index

(5) Missing Data

(6) Group By

(7) Cross Section

(8) Pivot Table

(9) Merging, Joining and Concatenation

1 — PANDAS Series — How to Create From…

import pandas as pd

Let’s create four artifacts to see how to create a Series:

First, a List:

labels = ['a','b'…

Manage Your Lovely Photos With Python! #PurePythonSeries — Episode #03

What is file manipulation?

So, file manipulations — creating a file, removing a directory, etc. — are very common operations in Python.

In this tutorial, let’s see some useful file manipulation commands and learn how to use them, specifically Modules: os and pathlib

Challenge — Make it Yourself!

Distribute the 20 .jpg images into the…

How To Create An Email Trigger System in Python — #PurePythonSeries — Episode #02

How does Python integrate with Outlook?

fig 0. PS Art: João Pedro Nogueira Oliveira
In this post, you’ll learn how to use the email package to send emails with MS Excel content and attachments using MS Outlook.

Python’s built-in email package allows you to structure more fancy emails, which can then be transferred with SMTP as you have…

How To Send Gmail In Python — #PurePythonSeries — Episode #01

In this post (download Jupyter nb below):

We will learn how to send an email in gmail using python and jupyter notebook. Let's get it on!

First thing first:

1 - Get An Gmail Account;
2 - Turn on "Less secure app access" :/
Notes: 1 - This setting is…

Python Lambda Desmistification — #PurePythonSeries — Episode #00

This post attempts to demystify Lambda in Python.
Fig 1. Lambda Expression: lambda function:iterable

Simply put, a lambda function is just like any normal python function, except that it has no name when defining it, and it is contained in one line of code. A lambda function evaluates an expression for a given argument. …

How to use kaggle Notebook to Study Python — #PySeries#Episode 36

Hi, did you know that the kaggle platform offers a notebook for you to play with Python, free to learn?

Fig 1. Python’s List and Tuple Exercise . Welcome! \o/

Our tasks here:

Let's say your company wants to research the cell phones that receive the most reviews on the Amazon website:Gathering Data: from Amazon Cell Phones Reviews by…

How To Format Strings in Python #PySeries#Episode 35

Hi, this is a quick note about strings in python.

Fig 1. Phyton quick notes about string formatting

Let’s get it on?

String Interpolation → Injects a variable into your string printing

. format()
. f-strings
print('This is a string {}'.format('INSERTED'))This is a string INSERTED

Multiples strings — when order matters!

print('{} {} {}.'.format('brown', 'quick', 'fox') )brown quick fox.

Positional arguments:

print('{1} {0} {2}.'.format('brown', …


Hi, Guys o/ I am J3! J of Jungle + 3 Plats Arduino/RPi/Pic; I am just a hobbyist, making studies in electronics to come up with an invention. Welcome! Join me!

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