How To Build Your First App In Python Django Framework — DjangoSeries Episode # 00

Hi, we will make our first app in Django using anaconda environment in Atom in ten steps.

Conda is a tool for managing and deploying applications, environments and packages.

And how about Django?

Django is a free and open source web framework.

It is used by many sites, including Pinterest, Instagram, Bitbucket, Washinston Times, Mozilla and more!

A Django application is a collections and configurations that when combined together will make up the full web application (your complete website running Django).

Each application is created (9th step) to perform a particular functionality (Registration, Polling, Commets, etc.)

We will use Atom…

How to Install RubyOnRails on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS As Docker at WSL 2 — DockerSeries — Episode 01

In this post, we will install RubyOnRails on a Docker using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and MS WSL 2.

What can I do with RubyOnRails?

Ruby on Rails, or Rails, is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby under the MIT License. Rails is a model–view–controller framework, providing default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages. Wikipedia

Why use Docker Containers?

Because Docker containers encapsulate everything an application needs to run (and only those things), they allow applications to be shuttled easily between environments. …

Brand new AI Certification From Huawei! — AISeries — Episode #08


Remember when I said this:

I will fight for it. I will not give up. I will reach my goal. Absolutely nothing will stop me.

by J3

Episode #01#AISeries

There you have it!

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When should I use pandas DataFrame?#PySeries#Episode 31

Let’s see Pandas DATAFRAMES again! Google colab notebook link:)

Pandas DATAFRAMES: The Primary Pandas Data Structure!

When should I use pandas DataFrame?

The Pandas DataFrame is a structure that contains two-dimensional data and its corresponding labels.

DataFrames are widely used in data science, machine learning, scientific computing, and many other data-intensive fields.

What Follows Example of how to use it:

Please, open your colab notebook and follow me:

01# First thing first. Importing the libraries:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
%matplotlib inline
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt'seaborn-whitegrid')
import numpy as np

02# Let’s create a simple Graphic…

A Complete Colab Notebook Using Skit-learn — Based on Alice Zhao Post — AISeries — Episode #07

Hi, this time we tried an interesting project: delicacy o/

Please kindly watch this video from Alice Zhao. Get the Colab file here.

This will end up with a model that will automatically predict whether a given recipe is a muffin recipe or a cupcake recipe.

Although the cupcake is usually decorated, the shape and appearance are very similar. But the real difference is in the preparation technique.

Cupcake is a cup-sized cake. The cupcake recipe uses techniques for preparing the cake dough. And the muffin is considered a quick roll.
Is muffing a cupcake with random bits of stuff…

A Complete Colab Notebook Using the Breast Cancer Data Set from UCI — AISeries — Episode #06

Hi, we going to apply the SVM — Support Vector Machine in the UCI database that comes into the scikit-learn: colab notebook link.


This is a copy from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) Machine Learning Repository dataset.

Let’s get started!

01#Step — Open your Google colab and type this:

import pandas as pdimport numpy as npimport matplotlib.pyplot as pltimport seaborn as sns%matplotlib inline

02#Step — Let’s download the Breast Cancer Dataset from the Skit-Learn:

from sklearn.datasets import load_breast_cancercancer  = load_breast_cancer()print(cancer.DESCR)[basically what this is it's 569 instances with 30 numeric attributes and…

A Complete Colab Notebook Using the Default of Credit Card Clients Data Set from UCI — AISeries — Episode #05

In this post, we going to understand the Support Vector Machine Algorithm using scikit-learn.

Here is the colab notebook: link.

What is a Support Vector Machine?

A simple way to classify observations into two classes is to draw a linear boundary between them:

However, even if the data is perfectly separable in this way there are many possible linear boundaries that could be used.

Final Jamie Anderson Wins Gold | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics GeoGSeries# Episode #02

Even More annotation from Huawei Mock Exam — AISeries — Episode #04

Hi, I am back!

This time I took a very hard test from my Huawei AI Course and I wrote this annotation down ♫ For the people who are Still alive ♫ ♪ ♩ :)

The idea is to get even more deeply into AI Theories.

I hope these study materials can help you (and myself:) get the Huawei certificate HCIA easily.

We might get a good grade!

Let’s get it on!

Note: ( )Single choice [ ]Multiply choices

01# Regarding (GD) Optimizers, please analyze these: True or False?
02# Regarding Support Vector Machines (SVM): True or False?
03# Which of…

Getting Intuition About Complex Math & More — AISeries — Episode #03

Hi, this post just presents a collection of images, Graph, and Gifs to Make You Grasp New Concepts Faster of Artificial Intelligence, ML, and DL ;)

Why visualizing? Visualizations allow us to access simultaneously a rich amount of information that can help us jump quickly to insights that may be hard to decipher from numerical calculations.

Einstein used visualization throughout his life. At age 16, Einstein used visualization when he discovered that the speed of light was always constant. Einstein believed that visual understanding was the most important form of education and more important than knowledge.

So Welcome! Enjoy!



Hi, Guys o/ I am J3! J of Jungle + 3 Plats Arduino/RPi/Pic; I am just a hobbyist, making studies in electronics to come up with an invention. Welcome! Join me!

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